Thanks for visiting! As you look through this site we hope that you catch a couple of things that are really important to us: Hospitality and the life of Jesus.

On the hospitality side, our groups and our Sunday gatherings are kind of like that old TV show about the group of friends that hung out at the bar. Anyone is welcome to come in, there’s acceptance, down-to-earth advice, and quickly you like it because “everybody knows your name”.

On the Jesus side, The Gate Church Community is made up of people who have hope that we will find our true place and our true selves while on a ‘journey with Jesus.’ We believe that as we follow Him in making this world the new and beautiful place that He envisioned, that we will experience the sense of peace, joy, meaning and destiny our hearts long for.

Whether you’re new to the Betty Gibson Neighbourhood, taking new steps on a spiritual journey, or just newly trying something different, The Gate Church Community exists for people like you so I hope you’ll consider letting us get to know you. I believe that all of us are on a spiritual journey of some kind and that ‘finding God’ most often happens in the context of hanging around others who are seeking God as well.

So feel free to ‘hang around’ with us! Our lives have meaning and destiny so why shouldn’t a journey with a church community be part of helping each of us sort that out?! I believe that’s what Jesus meant when He said “Come, follow me.”

peace & joy,