The Gate Church Community (TGCC) is a local community group for all ages, banding together in friendships around the teachings and presence of Jesus for the benefit of the Brandon community. TGCC takes steps to form meaningful community in their locality by promoting wellness, addressing poverty issues, and helping people find spiritual meaning.
A welcoming spirit is practiced towards anyone, regardless of race, culture or background. Sunday gatherings are authentic and ‘come-as-you-are’ where seekers can experience worship through music, a reflection on scripture, prayer, and an occasional communal meal. Smaller mid-week gatherings are championed as important places of authentic interaction, personal support, and faith-community development.
TGCC is a non-denominational group who, nevertheless, shares with other church groups in Brandon these desires: to continually discover and communicate that the reign of Jesus is good and true; that it brings hope; and that it is powerfully coming alive with joy, peace, justice, and beauty. For their ongoing ability to participate in these things, TGCC seeks the favor and strength of God’s Spirit. 
The Gate Church Community is a registered charity. If you wish to make an online donation or set-up monthly donations through your credit card, click on this button from