A church that cares about neighbourhoods!

We'd love for you to join us! Every Sunday in the Brandon University Student Union building, our church gathers for meaningful worship and a practical, relevant message from the Bible that will help us develop our lives!

We’re not a collection of perfect people and we’re certainly not the perfect church in Brandon, but we’re pretty keen to be a great community where people find faith, friends and hope. Even if you are completely new to stuff like church or God, you are completely welcome here.

We are a 'come-as-you-are' kind of group who have been described as friendly and warm. There isn't a dress code to be concerned about. Our gatherings include singing, and there are people available to pray with you if you want. The talk is usually about how the teachings of Jesus can provide hope and meaning in our lives today. All ages generally stay together during the music and then half-way through the gathering, the children (ages 2 - 12) are invited by our kids ministry team to interact around a lesson designed to help them at their level. Everything is normally finished within an hour and 10 minutes but many often hang around and visit for a while afterwards.

Sunday Gatherings
We meet each Sunday in the Brandon University Student Union building (270-18th st.) from 11:00am til 12:10pm.
All are welcome. Here's a video on exactly how to get there.