Our Staff

Kevin Ratzlaff



Kevin Ratzlaff (pastor) grew up in Red Deer, Alberta, enjoying family trips to the mountains, playing sports with friends, and many meaningful camp experiences. He and his wife Carol helped to start a church in Mount Vernon, WA, before moving to Brandon MB in 1997 to be the Creative Arts Pastor with Grand Valley Community Church. After a time in Saskatchewan working on a Masters degree, they returned to Brandon in 2012 to ‘church plant’ with many others at The Gate Church Community. They have 6 children and love the community of Brandon. Kevin has a heart for youth facing challenges and volunteers regularly as a leader at the YFC Drop-In Centre.

Wendy Bambridge

Gate Kids Director & Administrative Assistant

Wendy Bambridge grew up in rural Manitoba and has enjoyed living in such places as Ontario, Qatar, and Kenya! She became part of Gate Church Community in 2016 and has given excellent executive oversight to our summer camp staff and to our Gate Kids Ministry while teaming with Kevin to manage a variety of responsibilities out of our church office. She is terrific to work with, full of great ideas, bubbly enthusiasm, and a heart for God and people. She has a lot of family and friends in the Brandon area and enjoys building into the community in a variety of ways.

David Naylor

Worship Team Director

David Naylor grew up in Ontario and right here in Brandon. He enjoys being active through biking, running, and community soccer. David is a piano-major working on his music degree at Brandon University and, as such, spends large amounts of time in piano practice. David is very community-minded, developing and maintaining a wide circle of friends while also giving leadership to a community group bible-study. He is a strong team player, spent a term working with Youth for Christ in Brandon, and maintains a strong spiritual passion for Christ Jesus.

Sherolyne Sankoh

Summer Rec Director

Sherolyne was born and raised in Ireland and moved to Brandon in August of 2014 with her parents and two younger brothers. At the end of June 2017 she graduated from Neelin High School with a few scholarships! Now a student at Brandon University, Sherolyne (confident, mature, and friendly) works at the Brandon Community Youth Center on 6th street and excels at providing leadership to staff and kids at our summer day camps (Jazzy July & Awesome August).

Melissa Ratzlaff

Summer Rec Staff

For most of her life, Melissa has lived in Brandon and, having 2 younger brothers and a younger sister, she has enjoyed giving leadership to younger children from the time she was about 3 yrs old! Not only is she cheerful and encouraging, but she is eager to pass on her excitement about God to others. Melissa spent 2 years as one of YFC Literacy Groups staff members and is now attending bible-school. We have been thrilled to have Melissa team with Sherolyne and Wendy to give excellent leadership at our summer kids camps (Jazzy July and Awesome August)!